Bon Strange Novice of the Year 2023 Natures Art by Trevor Parry + 1st Place Novice Section
Herb Richmond Print of the Year By Judy McEachern and 1st place Open Colour
Judy Johnson Memorial Award Best Australian Content of the Year + EDPI Landscape Seascape Seastack by Judy McEachern
Large Print 1st Place Nature Painted Lady by Anne Wilson
Large Print Creative 1st Place Ghost Riders in the Sky by Judy McEachern
Large Print Landscape Seascape My Gog and Magog Morning by Anne Carroll 1st Place
Monochrome Large Print 1st Place Across a Lunar Landscape by Mark Bevelander
Open EDPI 1st Place Monochrome Dusk on the Barwon by Anne Wilson
Open EDPI Colour 1st Place Footbridge on the Canal by Frank Carroll
Open EDPI Creative 1st Place by Vera Paulin Tunnel of Light
Open EDPI People Portrait 1st Place The Relic by Betty Bibby
Roger Purcell EPDI of the Year + 1st Place Nature Dragon Fly by Judy McEachern

Welcome to the Ballarat Camera Club website!

The Ballarat Camera Club Inc. aims to provide opportunities for members to learn about and improve their photography, regardless of their level of competence. 

Since its establishment in 1938, members of the Ballarat Camera Club Inc. have encouraged and inspired each other in their photographic pursuits and personal growth.

Depending on the needs of members, committee and key club members organise a variety of activities which facilitate the learning of the many aspects of photography.

Through participating in monthly digital club meetings, judging nights, workshops and outings, members can learn new skills and understandings, such as; how to operate their camera, understand light, process images on the computer.  Members have the opportunity to seek feedback on their work and view the work of fellow photographers during these activities. 

The Ballarat Camera Club is affiliated with the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc. (VAPS), which allows members to be involved in the wider photographic community in Victoria, including conferences and interclub competitions.

The “Ballarat National Photographic Exhibition” has been proudly run by the Ballarat Camera Club Inc. since 1968. This exhibition is held in high regards within photographic circles across Australia and is hung in the prestigious ‘Art Gallery of Ballarat’. Unfortunately, this is currently in recess.

We invite you to browse our website and the galleries within. We hope it inspires you and look forward to welcoming you at one of our activities in the near future! 

Please contact one of our friendly committee members should you wish to join us on one of our activities.




 The latest Newsletter is located under the Information Newsletters 2024 tab. 

Flare June 2024

April Competition 10th 7.30 pm Start

NOTE: NEW VENUE Ballarat Community Centre in Eastwood Centre


Subject: Open 

Set: " Night Photography"

A photograph taken after dark and before dawn. You may use artifical light, eg, street or car lights. You may also use long or multiple exposures for celestial photography. No camera flash permitted. ( Technical)

April Camp 19th, 20th and 21st Murtoa Caravan Park

A visit to the stick shed and other local attractions.

May 8th 7.30 pm start

Judge : Steve Demeye

Subject : Open

Set: "Side Lighting"

An image in which the main subject is primarily by side lighting. It may be natural or artificial (Technical)

May Outing: Sunday 19th May at 10 am

Meet at the Chinese red gates in Norman St.

June Competition Meeting 7.30 pm 12th

Judge: Sally Rule VAPS Accredited judge

Subject: Open

Set: " Moods of the weather"

A picture showing aspects of the weather. Eg Storms (actual or impending), rain, hail, fog, or wind. Normal sunny conditions are not acceptable. (Artistic or Creative)

June Outing: 23rd June Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary Meet at the Linton Hotel at 10am

360 Linton -Piggoreet Rd Happy Valley

An opportunity to have a walk around one of Ballarats local bird sanctuaries.

Please wear study shoes.


July Competiton Meeting 7.30 pm 10th

Judge: Marilyn Prime VAPs Accredited judge.

Subject: Open

Set: "Cemetery" 

An image showing graves, tombs, funerals, or other related objects. (Artistic/ Creative)

August Competiton Meeting 7.30 pm 14th August


Subject: Open

Set: "Faces on building in Ballarat " An image that shows the inclusion of a human face on the facade or internal architecture of a building in Ballarat (Artistic/ Creative)

A sample of members images from 2023


Highlighted Images
Lake Tyrrell Platform by Betty Bibby
Across Lunar Landscape by Mark Bevelander
Morekie boulders by Trevor Bibby
Easter Sunday by
Tree Frog by Trevor Parry
Nigretta Falls by
Silverardo Ute by Steve Demeye
Inside the Arches by Trina Jones
Tom Bowler Sunset by Anne Carroll
Spoonbill Family by Carol Hall
Powerful Owl by Mario Gross
Outback Colour by Teresa Bates
Tranquil Ponds by Neil Sinclair
Flower Reflections by Lyn Flower
Now Departing Platform One by Ken Marsh
Russel Falls byFrank Carroll
Quarry Reflections by Judy McEachern
Tunnel of Light by Vera Paulin
Murray River Lights by Murray Mc Eachern
Barmah in Flood by Anne Wilson

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